4 Decembro 2012

It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and theNorth Seaand includes more than 790 islands.

During the Pleistocene,Scotlandwas covered by ice sheets and we can say that the country has three main sub-divisions:

-Highlands and Islands, mainly formed of ancient rock, are very mountainous and the highest point of Britain,Ben Nevis,  is here.

-Central Lowlandsis a rift valley where coal and iron were founded to fuel the Industrial Revolution. It was a volcanic area.

-Southern Uplands are a range of hills interspersed with broad valleys.

Scotlandhas a temperate and oceanic climate which tends to be very changeable. Its landscape is very varied including both deciduous and coniferous woodland and moorland and tundra species. The national flower is the thistle. Its fauna includes important seal populations and nesting grounds for seabirds such as gannets. Another important animal is the Golden Eagle almost national symbol. InScotland’s Mountains partridge, hare and ermine can be found, and in its pine forest black grouse, bobcat, red squirrel and marten can be seen.

Este artigo sobre Escocia foi realizado por unha alumna da sección bilingue de Ciencias Sociais e acompáñase dun video con imaxes, cedidas por Lucía leiro, que nos amosa a fermosura da súa natureza.

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